IVCHosting rewards its' Reseller with great opportunity to attract more business by offering quality web hosting accounts to your clients while increasing profits and benefits!

IVCHosting's Reseller Program are simple, flexible and profitable whereby it allows you to resell IVCHosting web hosting services at a great discount rate.

IVCHosting Reseller Program allows you to sell our web hosting accounts with your own Branding. You are able to place your own Company name & logo on the Account Control Panel. This allows you to operate under your own brand name and maintain total control over your business. However, if you choose not to sell our web hosting accounts under your own brand, you can use IVCHosting's strong brand recognition to your own advantage.

IVCHosting puts you on the Winning Team !

* You would a Reseller Control Panel whereby you could activate your hosting account by yourself.
* $0 Setup Fees on your Reseller Account & On All Hosting Packages
* Generous Discounts For Each Hosting Account
* One Free Domain Name For Each Hosting Account
* Web Control Panel For Your Clients with your own branding & logo
* Selling Price & Profit Margin would be Controlled and Determined By You

To join IVCHosting Reseller Program:
- Prepay for 5 (five) Accounts and You'll get an additional One Account for FREE. (6 in total)
In short, you will get about 20% discount off the price of the 5 accounts purchased.

- Do note that you do not need to start service of all 5/6 accounts at once, you may choose to initially use only one account (or none at all). Then, only when you require, activate the remaining accounts. The account expiry dates will be calculated from the date each account is activated and not the date that you prepaid for the accounts.


IVChosting's End Customers:
6 x Basic Package Web Hosting Account = USD 39.96
(USD 39.96 x 6) = USD239.76

Now, as a Reseller of IVCHosting, you will be getting the 6 accounts (5+1) for the price of 5:

5 x Basic Package Web Hosting Account = USD 199.80 plus
1 x Basic Package Web Hosting Account = USD 0 (Free ! Savings of USD 39.96)

With our Reseller program each "Basic Package Web Hosting Account" will only cost USD 33.30 per Year ! Besides, you will still get one FREE domain name for each hosting account and any promotions that applies at our website.

How do I apply to become a IVCHosting Reseller?

Applying to become a IVCHosting partner is simple and easy. Just follow the simple steps below:
  1. Click here to Go To IVC Reseller Application Form
  2. Fill in the online form and make a prepayment of USD 199.80 by credit card.
  3. Your Reseller Account will then be activated within 24 to 48 hours.
If you already have 5 existing hosting account with us, we could move your existing account to your Reseller account. Just email us at reseller@ivchosting.com and we will have your Reseller account set up. Rebates of 20% from the total amount added will be given for the funds added into your Reseller account.

What if i would like to Termination my Reseller Account ?

  1. If you decide to terminate your Reseller Program with IVCHosting, you would need to email reseller@ivchosting.com and notify us of the Termination.

  2. IVCHosting will terminate your Reseller Account and refund the remaining balance in your Reseller account back to you (if any), but there will be a small charge (5% of the refund amount) as the credit card processing and refund fee. This fee is charged by the Credit Card Billing Company and is subject to change without prior notice.

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Basic Hosting Plan
1 Free Domain
10 GB Web Space
600 E-mails
• 15 MySQL DB

Professional Hosting Plan
1 Free Domain
150 GB Web Space
1500 E-mails
• 30 MySQL DB