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FAQ - Existing Domain Transfer:

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  • What is Domain Transfer?
    All registered domain names are managed by registrars that provide customer support and related domain services. Depending on the registrar, you will pay different prices; have different levels of customer support, and access to various domain-related services. Most customers transfer their existing domains to other registrars to take advantage of lower prices and more enhanced services.

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  • What should I do if my domain has expired or is about to expire?
    To make it simple, there are 3 options:-

    1. Renew the domain name at your previous provider (without hosting services) and have the DNS server pointed to IVCHosting DNS servers. We will then be able to host that domain name for you.

    2. Renew the domain name at previous provider (without hosting services) and allow IVCHosting to transfer the domain. After the domain name has transferred to IVCHosting, you do not have to renew the domain for the following years as long as you have the domain host with IVCHosting. IVCHosting will renew the domain name for you without any charges every time you renew your hosting account at IVCHosting.

    3. Choose a new domain name and we will have it registered for you for FREE.

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  • I would like to transfer my domain to IvcHosting.com, what are the benefits of doing so?
    We will extend the domain expiry by One year Free of charge if the transfer is successful. All the necessary DNS settings for your domain and the subsequent domain renewal fees will be taken care of. As long as you have us host your web site and renew your hosting account with us, you do not have to worry about the domain renewal fees because we will renew it for you for FREE.

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  • How much does it cost to transfer my domain to IvcHosting.com?
    As long as you purchase any of our hosting packages, transferring your domain to IvcHosting.com is FREE of charge. As for now, we only offer domain transfers for domain names with .com, .net or .org extension. Domain transfers for other domain names (e.g. .cc, .biz, .us, .info, .co.uk, .au) are not supported but we are still able to Host these domain names if you already have it registered.

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  • Will it affect my hosting if I transfer my domain name registration to you?
    No. Your hosting provider can remain the same as it is during and after the transfer process and your existing hosting service will not be affected by transferring your domain to IvcHosting.com.
    The process mainly involves transferring your existing domain name from your current registrar to our registrar. Your web site will not go down during that period because you are only requesting to change the registrar information, not the domain name information.

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  • How long does it take to complete my domain name transfer?
    Most often, it will take about two weeks to transfer a domain name.
    If a domain transfer is required, you will need to email us at transfer@IvcHosting.com to request for a domain transfer even though you have already sign-up for a hosting account with IVCHosting. We will start transferring the domain for you after we receive your confirmation and we will inform you once the transfer has been initiated.

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  • During the domain transfer process, will my website be accessible?
    Yes, your web site will not go down during the domain transfer if you do the following before you transfer the domain name:

    1. Upload your web pages into your new account with IVCHosting.

    2. Request for a DNS update for your domain with your current domain registrar. You may need to email the provider whom previously helped you to register the domain name and inform them to make the necessary updates or you may do it yourself. Changes to the DNS will take up to 48 hours to take effect. There will be no downtime as during this propagation period you will have two web sites live on the Internet and your visitors will go to one or the other. After you have changed the DNS servers for your domain, you may then decide to have the domain transferred to us.

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  • How to check the status of my domain transfer?
    You can contact us at transfer@IvcHosting.com to check for the status of your domain transfer.

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  • If I already have a domain name and the account is being hosted by another web hosting provider, will you allow me to redirect this existing domain name to my new account with you?
    Yes, you will be able to host your existing domain name with any of our web hosting plans. In order for us to be able to host your website, you could either:

    1) Change the DNS servers for your domain name to our DNS servers. -- Or --

    2) Transfer the domain name to our domain registrar where we will maintain your domain name DNS servers for you. Your domain name expiry will also be extended by one year if the domain name transfer is successful.

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  • How do I change the DNS servers for my domain name?
    You have 2 options, please choose one:

    A) Email your current web host/domain registrar and ask them to change the DNS server information for your domain to our DNS servers. In this way, every year you will need to renew the domain name registration with them.

    B) Transfer the domain name to IVCHosting's appointed domain name Registrar. This will extend your domain name expiry by one year. In order for this to be done, you will need to inform us of the transfer at least 3 weeks before your current domain name expires and we will process the transfer for you. In this way, you will renew the domain name registration with us every year.

    A Domain Registrar transfer would take a minimum two weeks and up to one month to complete. Due to the complex procedures and the fact that it involves many different parties, there is no guarantee that a registrar transfer will be successful. You should update the DNS servers and have it point to our DNS servers then only decide to have the domain transfer to us.

    The current registrar will send an email to the current administrative contact of the domain name and he will need to reply to the email to authorize the transfer. The transfer cannot take place if the current administrative contact does not reply to the email or if the administrative email address is not valid.

    If you choose option B, please email to Transfer@IvcHosting.com to request for a domain name transfer. Do note that you will no longer be entitled to a Free domain name if you choose to transfer your domain name to IVCHosting's Appointed domain name Registrar (your existing domain name will be renewed for Free instead).

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