IvcHosting's Domain Name Registration Policy

Upon signing up for IvcHosting's services, all customers agree to comply with IvcHosting' s Terms of Use. The spirit of this policy is to ensure our customers are using IvcHosting 's services with due regard to the rights of other Internet users and in conformity with the requirements of IvcHosting 's network environment.

1. Agreement. In this Service Agreement ("Agreement") "you" and "your" refer to each customer and "we", us" and "our" refer to IvcHosting. This Agreement explains our obligations to you, and explains your obligations to us for our various services. By selecting our service(s) you have agreed to establish an account with us for such services. When you use your account or permit someone else to use it to purchase or otherwise acquire access to additional service(s) or to cancel your IvcHosting service(s) (even if we were not notified of such authorisation), this Agreement covers such service or actions. By using the service(s) provided by IvcHosting under this Agreement, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to be bound by all terms and conditions of this Agreement and any pertinent rules or policies that are or may be published by us.

2. Selection of a Domain Name. We cannot and do not check to see whether the domain name you select, or the use you make of the domain name, infringes legal rights of others. We urge you to investigate to see whether the domain name you select or its use infringes legal rights of others, and in particular we suggest you seek advice of competent counsel. You may wish to consider seeking one or more trademark registrations in connection with your domain name. You should be aware that there is the possibility we might be ordered by a court to cancel, modify or transfer your domain name. You should be aware that if we are sued or threatened with lawsuit in connection with your domain name, we may turn to you to hold us harmless and indemnify us.

3. Fees, Payment and Term. As consideration for the services you have selected, you agree to pay IvcHosting the applicable service(s) fees. Registration will not be processed until payment for services is verified or received. All fees payable for domain name thereunder are non refundable unless we provide otherwise. This section does not apply to fees payable for IvcHosting's Web Hosting and Web Hosting services. Payment policy for Web Hosting can be found at our Billing Policy Documentation. As further consideration for the domain name service(s), you agree to: (1) provide certain current, complete and accurate information about you as required by the registration process and (2) maintain and update this information as needed to keep it current, complete and accurate. All such information shall be referred to as account information ("Account Information"). You hereby grant IvcHosting the right to disclose to third parties such Account Information. The Registrant, by completing and submitting the Domain Name Registration Agreement ("Registration Agreement"), represents that the statements in its application are true and that the registration of the selected Domain Name, so far as the Registrant is aware, does not interfere with or infringe upon the rights of any third party. The Registrant also represents that the Domain Name is not being registered for any unlawful purpose.

4. Modifications to Agreement. You agree, during the period of this Agreement, that we may: (1) revise the terms and conditions of this Agreement; and (2) change the services provided under this Agreement. Any such revision or change will be binding and effective immediately on posting of the revised Agreement or change to the service(s) on IvcHosting's website, or on notification to you by e-mail or by telephone or by mail. You agree to review IvcHosting's website, including the Agreement, periodically to be aware of any such revisions. If you do not agree with any revision to the Agreement, you may terminate this Agreement at any time by providing us with notice by email or by fax. Notice of your termination will be effective on receipt and processing by us. You agree that, by continuing to use the IvcHosting services following notice of any revision to this Agreement or change in service(s), you abide by any such revisions or changes. You further agree that we, in our sole discretion, may modify our Dispute Policy at any time. You agree that, by maintaining the reservation or registration of your domain name after modifications to the Dispute Policy become effective, you have agreed to these modifications. You acknowledge that if you do not agree to any such modifications, you may request that your domain name be deleted from the domain name database.

5. Modifications to your Account. In order to change any of your account information with us, you must use your Account Identifier and Password that you selected when you opened your account with us. Please safeguard your Account Identifier and Password from any unauthorised use. In no event will we be liable for the unauthorised use or misuse of your Account Identifier or Password.

6. Domain Name Dispute Policy. If you reserved or registered a domain name through us, or transferred a domain name to us from another registrar, you agree to be bound by our current Domain Name Dispute Policy ("Dispute Policy") which is incorporated herein and made a part of this Agreement by reference.

7. Domain Name Disputes. You agree that, if the registration or reservation of your domain name is challenged by a third party, you will be subject to the provisions specified in the Dispute Policy in effect at the time of the dispute. You agree that in the event a domain name dispute arises with any third party, you will indemnify and hold us harmless pursuant to the terms and conditions contained in the Dispute Policy. For any dispute, you agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of your domicile, the courts of the geographic location indicated by your WHOIS information for your domain name, and the courts of the DuPage County, Illinois.

8. Agents. You agree that, if an agent for you (i.e., an Internet Service Provider, employee, etc.) purchased Hostway service(s) on your behalf, you are nonetheless bound as a principal by all terms and conditions herein, including the Dispute Policy.

9. Announcements. We reserve the right to distribute information to you that is pertinent to the quality or operation of our services and those of our service partners. These announcements will be predominately informative in nature and may include notices describing changes, upgrades, new products or other information to add security or to enhance your identity on the Internet.

10. Limitation of Liability. You agree that our entire liability, and your exclusive remedy, with respect to any IvcHosting services(s) provided under this Agreement and any breach of this Agreement is solely limited to the amount you paid for such service(s). IvcHosting shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages resulting from the use or inability to use any of the IvcHosting services or for the cost of procurement of substitute services. Because some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of liability for consequential or incidental damages, in such states, our liability is limited to the extent permitted by law. We disclaim any and all loss or liability resulting from, but not limited to: (1) loss or liability resulting from access delays or access interruptions; (2) loss or liability resulting from data non-delivery or data mis-delivery; (3) loss or liability resulting from acts of God; (4) loss or liability resulting from the unauthorised use or misuse of your Account Identifier or Password; (5) loss or liability resulting from errors, omissions, or misstatements in any and all information or services(s) provided under this Agreement; (6) loss or liability resulting from the development or interruption of your website or email service. The registrant agrees that IvcHosting will not be liable for any loss of registration and use of registrant's domain name, or for interruption of business, or any indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages of any kind (including lost profits) regardless of the form of action whether in contract, tort (including negligence), or otherwise, even if IvcHosting has been advised of the possibility of such damages. In no event shall IvcHosting's maximum liability exceed five hundred (USD 500.00) US Dollars.

11. No Guarantee. You agree that, by registration or reservation of your chosen domain name, such registration or reservation does not confer immunity from objection to either the registration, reservation, or use of the domain name.

12. Disclaimer of Warranties. You agree and warrant that the information that you provide to us to register or reserve your domain name or register for other IvcHosting service(s) is, to the best of your knowledge and belief, accurate and complete, and that any future changes to this information will be provided to us in a timely manner according to the modification procedures in place at that time. You agree that your use of our IvcHosting service(s) is solely at your own risk. You agree that such service(s) is provided on an "as is," "as available" basis. IvcHosting expressly disclaims all warranties of any kind, whether express or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement. IvcHosting makes no warranty that the IvcHosting service(s) will meet your requirements, or that the service(s) will be uninterrupted, timely, secure, or error free; nor does IvcHosting make any warranty as to the results that may be obtained from the use of the service(s) or as to the accuracy or reliability of any information obtained through the IvcHosting email service or that defects in the IvcHosting service(s) software will be corrected. You understand and agree that any material and/or data downloaded or otherwise obtained through the use of the IvcHosting service is done at your own discretion and risk and that you will be solely responsible for any damage to your computer system or loss of data that results from the download of such material and/or data. IvcHosting makes no warranty regarding any goods or services purchased or obtained through the service or any transactions entered into through service. No advice or information, whether oral or written, obtained by you from IvcHosting or through the service shall create any warranty not expressly made herein. Some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion of certain warranties, so some of the above exclusions may not apply to you.

13. Revocation. You agree that we may delete your domain name or terminate your right to use other IvcHosting service(s) if the information that you provided to register or reserve your domain name or register for other IvcHosting service(s), or subsequently to modify it, contains false or misleading information, or conceals or omits any information we would likely consider material to our decision to register or reserve your domain name. You agree that we may, in our sole discretion, delete or transfer your domain name at any time.

14. Right of Refusal. We, in our sole discretion, reserve the right to refuse to register or reserve your chosen domain name or register you for other IvcHosting service(s), or to delete your domain name within thirty (30) calendar days from receipt of your payment for such services. In the event we do not register or reserve your domain name or register you for other IvcHosting service(s), or we delete your domain name or other IvcHosting service(s) within such thirty (30) calendar day period, we agree to refund your applicable fee(s) minus the credit card processing fee and the domain ragistration fee (if any). You agree that we shall not be liable to you for loss or damages that may result from our refusal to register or reserve, or delete your domain name or register you for other IvcHosting service(s).

15. Severability. You agree that the terms of this Agreement are severable. If any term or provision is declared invalid or unenforceable, that term or provision will be construed consistent with applicable law as nearly as possible to reflect the original intentions of the parties, and the remaining terms and provisions will remain in full force and effect.

16. Non-Waiver. The failure of IvcHosting to require performance by the Registrant of any provision hereof shall not affect the full right to require such performance at any time thereafter; nor shall the waiver by IvcHosting of a breach of any provision hereof be taken or held to be a waiver of the provision itself.

17. Entirety. You agree that this Agreement, the rules and policies published by IvcHosting and the Dispute Policy are the complete and exclusive agreement between you and us regarding our IvcHosting services. This Agreement and the Dispute Policy supersede all prior agreements and understandings, whether established by custom, practice, policy or precedent.

18. Infancy. You attest that you are of legal age to enter into this Agreement.

19. Acceptance of Agreement. You acknowledge that you have read this Agreement and agree to all its terms and conditions. You have independently evaluated the desirability of participating in the affiliate network and are not relying on any representation, guarantee or statement other than as set forth in this Agreement.


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